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Sweet biscuit sugar plum. Halvah chocolate bar jujubes. Dragée donut candy.

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- Bella & Sam, 2022

"We came to Kandace over a year ago with the dream of transforming the St. Petersburg Pier into a beautiful wedding reception and ceremony space. Kandace not only made our dreams come true but exceeded our expectations us in every way possible. I cannot explain enough how important it is to have a mature, communicative, kind, and knowledgeable Wedding Planner by your side for your wedding (especially when you are looking to do some thing a little out of the box). Kandace was able to take a space that has never been used for a wedding and make it completely our own.

"SHE not only made our dreams come true but exceeded our expectations us in every way possible."

Kind Words

- LAURA & IAN, 2022

She was hard working, professional and calm throughout the entire process of planning our wedding and the day-of coordination. We booked Event Day Coordination services for our small wedding at Station House in St. Pete, and it made our day perfect. Kandace touched base with us regularly in the months leading up to our wedding, and went above and beyond day-of to ensure that my husband and I could fully enjoy our day, free of worry. If there were any snafu’s during our wedding day, we never knew it. If you are looking for a planner who will provide skill, calm and professionalism, look no further.

"I cannot recommend Kandace’s
services enough."


Kandace served as our professional wedding consultant and wedding day coordinator. From the beginning, we found her to be organized, professional, creative, and responsive. We had to reschedule our wedding (multiple times) and Kandace helped facilitate the moving pieces and made sure nothing was forgotten. Having her communicate and direct our vendors in the weeks up to the wedding was a huge relief. On our wedding day, we were relaxed knowing Kandace would take care of everything (which she did!). We couldn't recommend her enough.

"We are so grateful to Kandace and
her team"

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